PVC Board Making Machine

PVC Board Making Machine also names PVC foam board extrusion line which is used plastic extrusion manufacturing process to make PVC board, furniture foam board, and construction board.
Qingdao Sunshine Machinery Co.,LTD is a professional PVC board making machine manufacturer in China, who can produce PVC board making the machine with stable properties and excellent quality with affordable prices. Qingdao Sunshine Machinery manufacturer not also can supply its project report which you want to know more about the machine as well as the investment, after buying our machine, we also can teach your staff how to use our machine and make PVC board.

PVC foam board can be used as furniture board and construction board, as it is lighter and cost price is much cheaper comparing to wood, and we also can protect the environment for our world.

Qingdao Sunshine Machinery PVC board making machine can produce 1200mm width and 5-20mm thickness board, the customer can customize the thickness as their market demands, our machine is consist of main extruder, T-die, calibration table with foaming mold, cooling bracket, 8-roller tractor with PE film laminator, cutting machine and stacker. Qingdao Sunshine Machinery PVC board making machine also can be used to produce solid PVC sheet after changing the T-die and downstream machine, the PVC sheet also to be used in furniture as well as indoor flooring.

What is a PVC Board Making Machine?

PVC Board Making Machine is an industrial machine made of electronic and mechanical parts. It converts raw materials e.g. PVC resin and calcium carbonate to plastic foam boards.

There are light-weight, rigid plastic materials, PVC board are less dense than say plastic marble sheets, this makes them lighter.However, they still retain some excellent properties associated with PVC sheets such:Excellent chemical resistance, High strength-to-weight ratio,Flame resistance, among others.

What is a PVC Board?

Each Parts of PVC Board Making Machine

1.Screw loader
It fitted with a timing device, screw loader must convey the raw materials to the feed hopper, which is part of the extruder. For this purpose, it has a rotating helical screw that scoops the material and convey it upwards before it’s released in the conical shaped feed hopper.

From the hopper, the raw material descends onto the rotating screws by double screw gravity.
Our screw loader allows you to set the wait time and loading time. This allows the screw loader to operate autonomously. It is a great feature because; you don’t have to hire extra hands to load the raw materials manually. Thus, you save your labor and money. We also made it using stainless steel instead of aluminum to give it extended service life.

2. Conical twin screw extruder
Extrusion is the most critical step in manufacturing PVC foaming boards.It entails heating and plasticizing the PVC resin and other raw materials to form a molten plastic polymer that flows freely.
We used a twin screw conical extruder for pvc board making machine, it has two rotating screws in the barrel. They rotate in opposite directions to convey the plastic material forward and plasticize the material. Cast aluminum heaters placed under the barrel provide high temperatures required to melt the PVC resin and other additives. More heat is generated by friction as the screws convey the materials through the extruder.
The temperature control is very essential. High temperatures can cause PVC resin raw materials to deteriorate. And low temperatures would lead to the uncompleted process.
For monitoring of the temperatures, our machine has included the Ormon temperature controller that’s controlled on the electrical cabinet. If temperatures go above what is required, cooling fans lining the barrel can be active. Our machine is set to issue a warning if the temperatures are abnormal.

In non-foaming plastic manufacturing like for the PVC marble sheets, the t-shaping die gives the extrudate its flat, final shape.But in the foaming process, the t-die stops the foam from expanding. And gives it a general shape that will be later perfected by in calibration table.

Also note that, after the sheet leaves the die it will expand as bubbles foam in its internal structure.This expansion is controlled by the molds ensuring you get the desired final shape and the right thickness.

4. Calibration table
When the extrudate leaves the shaping die, it enters into the calibration table. So, it’s mounted next to the t-shaping die.
But, what is it? It is table that holds equipment required for foaming and cooling.
In the case of our PVC foaming machine, that equipment is the foaming molds and cooling bracket.

5. 4 group forming molds
Molds are shaped like the final board. Their inside surface is made of stainless steel for durability. It is polished to provide the least amount of resistance to plastic foam board’s movement. what is the function of the molds? they have two functions: Cooling and Foaming.
Foaming additives in the formula react to release gases. Release of gases dissolved in the molten PVC due to the pressure release. Formation of air pockets in the internal structure decreases the board’s density making it lighter. Likewise, the board expands inside the mold to occupy the interior space and all the corners. This allows us to get the desired length of the calibrated PVC foam board without gaps. The molds can also be moved together or apart by hydraulic.
Our machine can produce boards that are 1220mm wide with a thickness of 5-25mm.But if you want to make thicker and wider PVC foam boards, we also can customize the line for you to make boards that are 1550mm, 1680mm or 2050mm wide.

Final Product Sample Display

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